How Everyone Benefits eliminates your group health insurance pain

TopicTraditional Group PlanEVERYONE BENEFITS Individualized Group Plan
Cost Ever-increasing; $0 savings Fixed, affordable, and leverages tax subsidies—up to 35% savings
Process One size fits all A strategic system for addressing the needs of employers, employees and their families
Choice of plans Limited or non From dozens of options, employees create individual plan for self and family
Administration Expanding administrative demands Replaced with outsourced complimentary concierge “Benefit Advisor” services
Enrollment Q4 enrollment period only Any time of year
Payroll Limited auto-deduction requiring monthly administration Auto-deduction delivered directly to carriers; no monthly administration
Medical advice No services TELEDOC service 24/7 via phone or webcam
Company impact Risk of talent loss and culture sabotage Retention safeguard, vital to positive culture
  • Up to 35% cost savings by leveraging tax subsidies

By unlocking the tax subsidies for your employees and leveraging the health care laws, you can have more control of your costs and save up to 34% annually. Your cost is fixed, with no annual rate increases.


  • Process designed to meet your needs

Instead of the “one size fits all” approach, our process is designed to meet individual needs, provide more privacy for employees and require less administration from employers. Our technology-based system provides comparison and decision-making reports, analyzes market options, and automates payroll deductions and premium payments.


  • Individualized choice of coverage from dozens of options

Our Benefit Advisors navigate the selection and purchasing process with each employee. We examine all available market options, ACA Plans, Healthcare Sharing Plans and other coverage options. From an educated perspective, every employee has the freedom to select the best combination of products for themselves and their family. The continuing Benefit Advisor relationship means more privacy for employees and less administration time for employers.


  • Our concierge services replace your administrative tasks

You can eliminate administrative burdens, such as COBRA administration, ACA filings, annual plan selection, and monthly payment process.


  • Enroll anytime time of year

Switch any time of year, not just during the limited enrollment period.


  • Fully automatic payroll deduction

You benefit from a true payroll-deduction solution that requires no monthly administrative tasks. Our automatic deduction system delivers payments directly to the carriers.


  • Medical services reduce absenteeism

Unlike most group plans, we provide TELEDOC 24/7 via phone or webcam. It’s a valuable medical service that saves time and money for both employers and employees.


  • Vital element for positive company culture

When you create peace of mind regarding health care, you and your staff are less distracted and more likely to focus on the work at hand.