Let’s Get Started

Hello everyone, I’m Steve Spinner with 25 years of insurance background in sales with the last 20 or so specifically in the employee benefits sector. My degree is in Management with a focus on organizational development. What this basically means is I have a lot of experience creating win-win scenarios regarding health insurance, affordable medical plans, and strategies to handle the costliest piece to a business next to payroll in many cases. Insurance companies are getting really inefficient at containing low flying claims. And I consider any claim under 10,000 to be a low flying claim.

Over the course of the blog, we will be discussing solutions a business can employ and still provide a quality health care product back to their employees on the short term. As well, we will be discussing strategies over the long term and everything in between. We’ll be concentrating on individual health over this time getting advice from all aspects of the medical professions. Learning long term solutions to understanding our bodies and how they work. We’ll also come to understand this treadmill called healthcare as we know it today and it’s counterintuitive and counter productive and costly cycles….

There’s a lot we can do and do we must to contain our personal financial well being when dealing with healthcare going forward regardless of our age today. What I mean by this is it’s going to be costly, no matter what, whether we buy a high dollar, low deductible healthcare product or get stuck paying extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses, it’s going to be costly. The best strategy going forward today is if you are healthy stay healthy. If you are unhealthy, do everything in your power to get healthy…common sense, but the best method to conserve your finances in a system meant to relieve you of your money. So, let’s get started. I aim to put money in your hands at the time of a claim…Steve