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Our breakthrough innovative solution gives you individualized health insurance coverage with or without group delivery. You get quality coverage, cost-savings, and personalized concierge services for you and your family. The key to employee engagement is the integration of healthcare and wellness programs that are designed to increase productivity and growth.


Let EVERYONE BENEFITS help you become a better company by providing a unique group health plan that is affordable, high-quality, and fits the needs of each individual and their family.


Wellness programs are essential for business success. With our trusted partners, we provide unique and popular opportunities for individuals to take charge of their health.


The key to employee engagement is the integration of innovative health care systems with unique wellness programs. The teams that play together stay healthy and work successfully.

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Group Plan

Some people succeed by what they know, some by what they do and a few by what they are. Steve Spinner has succeeded for all three reasons. He has been in the health insurance business for the better part of his life. He will put you and your organization in a customized, cutting-edge insurance package providing the best coverage for the best price.

We saved $230,000 in the first year with increased coverages.

Ron Little, Executive Director

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Individual Plan

In early 2017 I made the decision to leave the company I was with to start my own company.  I knew I would be entering the individual insurance market during this transition.  Through an insurance broker we landed on Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield.  It is pretty daunting to know that you would no longer be receiving health insurance benefits from an employer and having to absorb 100% of the cost of the coverage.  Later in 2017 I received a letter from Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield informing me that the insurance product that I was on would no longer be available in our city in 2018.  Needless to say, I was a little angry, but also scared, as this was a situation that I thought I would never be in.  Thankfully I met Steve Spinner and with his extensive suite of innovative insurance solutions he put me and my family on the right path, oh and by the way, reduced our healthcare cost by more than 50% overnight.

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Brett C. Kline Group


Remodel Health shifts organizations from traditional, defined benefit plans to a defined contribution plan, it’s like the 401k of health insurance. They provide quality health insurance benefits, affordable for both the employer and the employee.

Shared Health Alliance provides essential insurance benefits and services that were designed specifically to strengthen any health share program, high deductible plan, indemnity plans, or even use it as a stand-alone plan.

For more than 75 years, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company has had one mission: to help America’s workers preserve and protect the vitally important things they work so hard to build.

Rogers Benefit Group is made up
of over 275 dedicated and knowledgeable people: men and women specializing in selling, servicing, and marketing a wide range of high-quality insurance plans.

The Fleet Feet Sports mission is to provide runners and other active St. Louisans with gear that fits their individual needs, training that helps them reach their fitness goals, and races that satisfy their competitive spirit.

Spin City Cycles helps promote cycling in all of Decatur as well as Macon County. They take pride in their local community and host several weekly organized rides. Throughout the year, they organize different ride for major holidays.


As a lifelong resident of Illinois and the eldest of six children, Steve Spinner embraces the Midwest values of a hard day’s work and a fair deal. To this day, he is motivated by a passion for helping the business community navigate a very costly and confusing healthcare environment that continues to be more volatile. 

After graduating from the University of Illinois in Springfield with a bachelor’s degree in management specalizing in organizational development, Spinner joined Country Financial in 1996. From there, he migrated to the group healthcare industry.  By combining his passion with 20-plus years of industry experience and a dose of Midwest common sense, he has developed unique strategies that allow both employer and employees to benefit. Over the years, he has served hundreds of clients in providing group (from two to 500+ employees) and individual insurance solutions.

Today, Spinner continues to fine tune win-win solutions that contain costs. His strategies include active wellness plans, methods that provide dollars at the time of a claim, and extensive individualized health coverage.  The plans replace complexity with a practical system that pays for itself. The emphasis on employee engagement sets the stage where Everyone Benefits.

The father of two children and grandfather of four, Spinner has maintained an active role by coaching (baseball, softball, soccer), running the local youth league, fundraising, and leading the league as President. He also coached high school golf for LSA (Lutheran School Association) of Decatur where he was privileged to lead a group of young men to a 4th place finish in the state tournament as well as coach the individual champion for Class “A” in the state of Illinois.

The Future of Healthcare

This is from an article about “Obama Care, Trump Care, and The Next Great American Bubble” on the Remodel Healthcare blog. 50 million Americans are sitting on a health insurance bubble that is about to pop, who are they you may ask? Short answer: The 50 million Americans that get their health insurance from a…

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Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Much of the advice we’ve been told about achievement is logical, earnest…and downright wrong. In Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Eric Barker reveals the extraordinary science behind what actually determines success and most importantly, how anyone can achieve it. You’ll learn: Why valedictorians rarely become millionaires, and how your biggest weakness might actually be your greatest…

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These are some of my favorite quotes: “Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.” – Stephen Covey “There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.” – Gandhi

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Let’s Get Started

Hello everyone, I’m Steve Spinner with 25 years of insurance background in sales with the last 20 or so specifically in the employee benefits sector. My degree is in Management with a focus on organizational development. What this basically means is I have a lot of experience creating win-win scenarios regarding health insurance, affordable medical…

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“The key to all-inclusive insurance coverage
is our engagement in an active wellness plan.”


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